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Good News Daily

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Good News Daily

We believe that people are in fact tired of the daily onslaught of bad news delivered to them each day. We also believe that this is one of the root causes for people to feel bad about the world around them and life in general. Instead, we here at good news daily attempt to bring as many good news daily stories to as many people as we can and perhaps begin a “butterfly effect” of spreading the good news daily there is around the world. Please help us in this by telling as many of your friends and family about good news daily as possible. Perhaps one day the good news will overtake the bad and the world will change for the better all part of the butterfly effect.

We will attempt each day to cull the good news from the bad and deliver to you something from this world we all live in that makes you feel good and proud to be alive. Please email and tell all of your friends.

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